Agent and Commissioner of Customs is legally recognized PROFESSIONAL with powers for customs clearance of goods, being the ONLY that:

• He holds the professional title granted by the Treasury, in defense of the rights of the trader.

• Your professional activity is supported by the COLLEGE ORGANIZATION.

• Its functions are regulated and controlled by the administration, unlike the other customs operations.

THE AGENT AND Commissioner of Customs, professional and collegiate, is a guarantee of efficiency and agility in the tax returns of imports and exports for its solvency to the Customs Administration.

A professional authorized and empowered to perform to the Customs, for others, any steps to facilitate customs clearance of goods in order to give the appropriate destination (import, export, transit, linking to any type of deposit etc.)

Customs Agent only if , having obtained a diploma issued by the Department of Customs and II. EE. , Is chartered in any of the colleges in Spain.


The Customs Brokers schools look after the honorable exercise of the profession, taking the possible controversies that exercise against the professionals covered by them and they worry that their schools maintain the highest level of knowledge to practice


1 – Prepares and presents to the Customs with the corresponding tax return to determine the customs that he wants to give the merchandise. This statement is required to enclose all the documents that justify the different elements that shape it (type of representation, ownership of the goods, their value, origin, source, etc.).

Under the usual procedure of such statements, the practitioner must meet the requirements of the Customs for inspection of goods at the place where they are deposited to effect or, instead, to attend the collation of the statement to obtain to authorization of the requested customs destination.

The customs agent is the intermediary in the payment of taxes to carry the required customs declaration, the Customs tells the amounts and date to be placed in the Treasury the taxes settled. The payment of taxes resulting from a customs (usually imports) may be prior to the release.

2 – For some types of goods, both import and export, prior to the filing of the appropriate customs tax return, it requires the involvement of other government agencies other than their own customs, such as Foreign Health Services, the Veterinary Services phytopathological Services, Pharmacy Services and S.O.I.V.R.E. (CITEX)

The involvement of any of these agencies is requested by the customs agent, depending on the characteristics of the goods and according to the selection criteria set by the TARIC (Customs Tariff), together with the application of those legal documents that protect the proposed operating and attending to the physical inspection of goods, wherever you are for that purpose. Once the formalities of application and inspection , the customs agent will collect the relevant authorization and / or rejection subsequently submitted to the customs authorities for appropriate action.

In all Health Technical Inspection procedures , the customs agent responsible for representing the owner of the goods.

3 – On behalf of the owner of the goods, the customs agent made a number of steps towards releasing the goods carriers, including: delivery of lading or transport tickets, payment of costs to carriers, control expenses, etc.

Ultimately, all efforts to release the goods from customs or assign it to a customs and at the same time, managing to move the goods from the places that has come at first, are those that justify the intervention of the customs agent, efforts to achieve agility in managing only one who knows the customs environment, ports, airports and land customs or inland, only what he can offer in a principal and independent interests transport management, operates in the boxes, making management a profession for the benefit of foreign trade.

By his knowledge Customs Agent Customs a guarantee in the application of customs rules, leading to security at the time of having to account for the period of three years the administration has to review the customs acts, review to which that assists professional, if so demanded by their client.

For independence in the relationship with carriers, warehouses, stevedores, shipping agents, freight forwarders, etc., The customs agent can provide, through their market knowledge of transmission lines, storage, bonded warehouses and / or French etc., all those possible ways that can make your business more profitable, taking advantage of the channels that the Customs Code is set for the various circumstances that arise in foreign trade.

Because of their relationship and habit to be treated with the administration, the customs agent can perform all those steps before and / or after a customs declaration for facilitating any operation of foreign trade, such as:

Request inward and / or liabilities, Visa documents License Application or other documents necessary for the implementation of trade arrangements,

Customs Warehouses Request Management , Excise , etc.

The customs agent is qualified to practice their profession in an independent manner and / or liberal, the service of a logistics company or within the structure of the company.